dvanced Medical Billing
is a full service medical billing company with over 9 years of professional experience. Our services will provide you the freedom from the increasing cost and burdensome paperwork  of today's medical billing procedures. In addition to submittin
g medical claims electronically, we provide 100%  tracking and follow-up on outstanding medical claims, patient billing and collections. Let us make your medical  billing issues OUR priority. We can make your practice more efficient by providing some or all of the following services: 


Professional Services: SoHoDataListIcon.gif (153 bytes) Electronic Submissions to Medicare & Commercial Carriers
SoHoDataListIcon.gif (153 bytes) Billing to secondary insurance carriers
SoHoDataListIcon.gif (153 bytes) Patient Billing
SoHoDataListIcon.gif (153 bytes) Insurance follow up
SoHoDataListIcon.gif (153 bytes) Collections
Why use Advanced Medical Billing?

Eliminate costly filing errors
Improve your cash flow with faster claims payment
Notification of rejected claims within 48 hours
Reimbursement for Medicare Claims in as little as 14 days

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